Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Week Ahead!

This week starts our in depth school work. We have finally found our groove and now I am adding to their workload. Noah and Abigail will probably hate me after about Tuesday. Oh the joys of being Mama and Teacher! :-)
For Noah this coming week he will be learning about nouns, multiplication facts to 12, different types of lizards and the state of Texas. He will also have his daily calendar sheet that he has do to, he will be starting a journal this week with daily journal topics to write about, then there is P.E. on Mon, Wed, and Fri, which pretty much will consist of getting outside and exercising or going to the beach. On Tues and Thurs, will be art. Since I don't know too much about art and there isn't anyone offering art classes right now that I know about, I will be teaching them the history of artists and letting them examine a specific art piece and then if I can find a coloring sheet of the art piece let them color it their way. (Oh yeah Abigail will also be doing the art stuff and learning about the state of Texas with Noah)
Abigails work load for the week involves a lot of handwriting practice, more addition and subtraction (steadily increasing the number value so she has to borrow and carry her numbers), she is going to be introduced to fossils and what they are, along with P.E. like Noah.
They really seem to be catching on quick and grasping everything that we are throwing at them!
I am really excited that they are enjoying everything, even though things are so crazy around here right now. I feel that us starting school and continuing on like normal, has made things seem more normal for them.