Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally Friday!

And so wraps up another week! YAY! Weekend is here, beach time, no sleeping in, cartoons in the morning!
This week I learned a lot about what the kids know. I found this awesome site and within the first two lessons that each of the kids did, I realized that while they are ahead of the game in a lot of areas, they have difficulty in other areas. For example, Noah has issues understanding possessive pronouns and nouns. And Abigail has issues with when to capitalize a word and when not to. (Awesome little site, that is going to be a great tool for me assessing them, and them not realizing it lol) So now I know what our learning objectives for the next little while needs to be.Extremely helpful, because I was grasping at straws for a minute, because I was basically just reviewing things that they already know, getting back into the routine of things. So now I have to plan out everything for the next couple of weeks over the weekend! (Gonna be busy this weekend!)
Otherwise, everything else is looking great. We are house hunting and found a couple of possibles that we are talking to the owners about renting. So we are just kind of playing it by ear. But most definitely hoping to have a house by the end of the month!