Saturday, August 11, 2012

Field Trip to the Pier!

 It's picture day! And to start everyone off on a beautiful picture, here is one of Daddy and three of the kids walking along the beach. One of my favorites right now!

Since we couldn't get our printer to work, we took the day off and made it a field trip day. We took the kids to the Apache Pier here in town, in hopes of finding some cool fish being caught, but all we got was blown away by the wind! To prove this, here is a picture of Braeden, sporting the wind blown look:
Yes the wind was that bad, but we didn't let it stop us. We walked the pier, enjoyed the music being played, the kids danced their little hearts away. Did we see any cool fish? Nope, fish weren't biting because of it being so windy, but we had fun!
Here is a link to where we went and enjoyed yesterday afternoon/evening:

And since nothing much is happening today, because of storms blowing through, I figured I would post a couple of pictures. I don't have a whole lot, because I don't have the cord to connect my camera to my computer, but I have gotten a few goods ones from my phone and well here ya go! Pictures of my crazy crew!

This one is very symbolic for me at the moment, especially with everything going on. It is kind of a reminder that even though it's storming like crazy right now, there is always beauty to be found. This was a beauty that the kids found on our way to go grocery shopping one day. It was so bright and beautiful as if to say to me "Just wait, it is almost over!"


This is my dapper little dude, enjoying his time at the beach. He is the cutest little beach bum that I have found yet! 

 Here are the other rugrats on a typical school morning, from left to right you have Abigail, Jade and Noah.They miss having school desks, but I like the idea of having them all at one table. Jade enjoys sitting with the bigger kids and she is picking up on what they are learning to. It definitely goes back to the days where there was only one classroom and the older kids helped with teaching the younger kids. Everyone learned everything together. And honestly, it seems to me children were smarter and more educated during those days, than some children are these days.