Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Things Ahead!

Things are looking great these days with the kids! Noah has really began to understand multiplication and I think he understands what prepositions are. So next week we move on to harder multiplication problems and another part of speech. They have enjoyed learning little things about Alaska this week, its off to another state next week! Abigail has adding and subtracting simple math problems down, she can fly right through them. Although sometimes, she forgets to look at which operational sign the problem has and does the opposite (but she gets the problem right so I don't complain too much, just remind her to watch her signs). She also understands alphabetical order now! So its time to move on to more challenging things for her also. I think Miss Jade has mastered tracing lines and shapes, so I am going to move her up to letters and see how those work for her.
I am busy trying to think of a simple science experiment that the kids can do that won't cause a HUGE mess and won't be loud. So off searching for something like that I go. I will most definitely let ya'll know what I find!
Otherwise, on the home front things look great! I have a job interview this afternoon for a part time job, (since hours are getting cut here at the hotel after next week). Still house hunting too, but right now we have learned a lot from each other and about each other being in the hotel room. It's not easy some days, but most days, we have fun being with one another. Maybe everyone should do something like this, as a way to reconnect with their family!