Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School is Coming Along!

With a brand new pet comes brand new things to learn. So far we have watched our lizard shed his skin, bit Noah numerous times, because Noah won't leave him along. And we figured out that he isn't nocturnal because he sleeps when we sleep. Nice learning lesson it is.
Now as for our actual lessons, Abigail is busy brushing up on her ABC order. She has it down pretty good, but she forgets that if the first letter is the same, then you have to move to the second letter to figure out which comes first. I introduced her to 3 column addition and that really confused her, so we are back down to 2 column and we moved up to three digits in each column. Slowly working our way up. I am hoping to have her learning basic multiplication by the end of the school year. Her handwriting is something else that I am working on with her. It is horrible and I am not sure how to help her improve it. I am busy researching different methods. If I find one that works I will make sure to share with all of you!
Noah on the other hand is doing pretty good. We are learning parts of speech and this week is prepositions and seems to understand it pretty well. He is continuing to work on his multiplication and is steadily improving on it. I am hoping to be ready to introduce him to division by Christmas.
They both have started learning about states for social studies and this week is Alaska. They are learning basic facts about the state (the state flower, flag, bird, etc).
And I am still busy trying to figure out how to go about doing science with them. Right now they are learning about reptiles, mainly lizards considering we have one as a pet :-)
Jade has been improving with her hand writing. I have her tracing lines on a page and she is getting better and better at it. And can now trace shapes. Oh and for a funny story that Scott and I in stitches last night
Jade went to the potty and pooped. She yelled for Scott to come help her and once he got in there, I heard him laughing loudly. So I went to see what was so funny. He had Jade tell me. My two year old proceeds to look at me and say "I pooped my name" Coincidentally, her poop laid in the bottom of the toilet and looked like the letter J, which is what her name starts with. So I will say that she is learning wonderfully, even if it is through her poop !