Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Post About Braeden

I figure its been long enough since I updated you all on my Little Dude. And dude he is hell on wheels lol He finally found his voice and never ever shuts up. After being officially diagnosed with a speech delay but not delayed enough for therapy, we worked with him and talked to him every chance we had. A few months ago he started talking more and more and while we were staying with our friends he started developing two and three word sentences. My favorite was when he was tell my friend's dog 'No Buddy hush up' it started building from there and now he is speaking in full sentences he knows what his name is and will very quickly tell you that No he didn't do something. It's been so much fun watching him figure things out and being able to have conversations with him. Especially after working for so long and him not talking til he was almost two years old.

Now we are taking on the task of potty training him and this is proving to be more difficult than we thought. I truly feel that we missed that window of opportunity with him and he is just going to be difficult to get along with. He will go to the potty but its only once or twice a day. Which is better than nothing but I am sooooo tired of diapers lol Or how about a funny little story about Mr. Braeden. I tell him to sit on the potty and he does, with it closed, or he will stand on top of the closed potty and pee in the floor! OH THE JOYS, of having a child that has a sense of humor and thinks its funny to watch himself pee. This is going to be a fun journey, so be on the lookout for very entertaining stories involving those lovely bodily fluids :-)

Here's a pic of Mr Braeden with us over Easter!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Why I like Homeschool by Abigail

It is fun and we do not have to wake up early ever. Sometimes we get to take a break for water and sometimes we do not even do school at all. That is why my dad's legs hurt. But when he is not we will be doing school. But it is the best oh and it is fun. My mom goes to work and my dad is my teacher. What I have learned is art and math and I do home work by myself.

Very different takes on both the kids' views of homeschool isn't it? (you can read Noah's entry here )    Her handwriting has improved so much since we first started this journey two years ago. Yet she still has a long way to go. Yet I am beginning to think that its more her attention span and not her ability to write. :-) Also we are beginning to think that she is mildly dyslexic so this is something that we will be working on over the summer with her.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Is In The Air Tonight.....

Or was it love is in the air??? Either way summer or love, its all the same to me, I love warm weather, grilling out and being outside all day. We are a little disappointed that we aren't going to be at the beach this summer, but we are in an awesome spot that has lots to offer for the summer.
And while other kids are out of school for the summer, we spend the summer exploring and learning more than ever. Next week, we have a couple of trips planned to a few different libraries in the area. We are going to see who has reading lists, reading programs, etc. We are doing these as field trips, since we are new to the area and still learning our way around. I have noticed that there is a larger homeschool population here, so I am hoping this means more options for the kids! I am also planning on putting together a reading list of my own for the kids to do over the summer.

We have an awesome book store a few miles from us in Chattanooga (again McKay's you have to check them out, they are awesome awesome awesome!), just last week we went in and spent just 6 dollars and came out with probably more than 300 dollars worth of books. So worth the trip if you ask me!  So I am going to put together the list for the kids, give them a spending budget and let them go shopping. Its multitasking at its finest :-)

I am very excited to say that Abigail has finally taken an interest in reading. She reads books to Jade at bedtime until Jade falls asleep. She finished her first "big" book last week, it was one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kids books. It was a HUGE accomplishment for her and us! So I am hoping that this carries over into the summer so she can further develop her love of reading!

Right now I am open to suggestions on what books to put on their reading lists, so send them in! Also if you are interested in reading lists, Barnes and Noble has a few on their website
Or you could check out a couple friends of the Academy's and see what they are doing for summer reading!

Another quick update!

Lots of changes are coming to the Academy! We have gotten a few new partnerships up and going this week, we are in talks with a couple of other companies to start a partnership with them! We are working on a new design and layout for the blog, making it easier to navigate and all that cool jazz!!! Oh and there is a big secret in the works right now with Daddy Scott and I... so stick around, its going to be an exciting summer!!!
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Turning it over to the kiddos

I asked Noah and Abigail to write what they like about homeschool. Today I will be posting Noah's thoughts about homeschool. Needless to say I think he has a future is satire and sarcasm and he's a bit like his mother in a lot of ways. Enjoy!

Why I Like To Homeschool?
Why do I like homeschooling, for one thing I don't have to wait for an hour or more for anyone to get done. Second, I don't have to sit in a hard wooden chair all day long. Well I also like homeschooling because it is fun. I learn different things and harder things everyday. It don't take as long as you think. Usually it takes about two or three hours to do homeschool. If you are reading this you better put you kids in homeschool because it is easy and it is fun and its better learning. I again think its easy for kids who are three to eighteen years old. Just look at my handwriting, I have been writing like this for five years.

And just so you can see his awesome handwriting, here is a picture of his writing of this post!