Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Turning it over to the kiddos

I asked Noah and Abigail to write what they like about homeschool. Today I will be posting Noah's thoughts about homeschool. Needless to say I think he has a future is satire and sarcasm and he's a bit like his mother in a lot of ways. Enjoy!

Why I Like To Homeschool?
Why do I like homeschooling, for one thing I don't have to wait for an hour or more for anyone to get done. Second, I don't have to sit in a hard wooden chair all day long. Well I also like homeschooling because it is fun. I learn different things and harder things everyday. It don't take as long as you think. Usually it takes about two or three hours to do homeschool. If you are reading this you better put you kids in homeschool because it is easy and it is fun and its better learning. I again think its easy for kids who are three to eighteen years old. Just look at my handwriting, I have been writing like this for five years.

And just so you can see his awesome handwriting, here is a picture of his writing of this post!