Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Post About Braeden

I figure its been long enough since I updated you all on my Little Dude. And dude he is hell on wheels lol He finally found his voice and never ever shuts up. After being officially diagnosed with a speech delay but not delayed enough for therapy, we worked with him and talked to him every chance we had. A few months ago he started talking more and more and while we were staying with our friends he started developing two and three word sentences. My favorite was when he was tell my friend's dog 'No Buddy hush up' it started building from there and now he is speaking in full sentences he knows what his name is and will very quickly tell you that No he didn't do something. It's been so much fun watching him figure things out and being able to have conversations with him. Especially after working for so long and him not talking til he was almost two years old.

Now we are taking on the task of potty training him and this is proving to be more difficult than we thought. I truly feel that we missed that window of opportunity with him and he is just going to be difficult to get along with. He will go to the potty but its only once or twice a day. Which is better than nothing but I am sooooo tired of diapers lol Or how about a funny little story about Mr. Braeden. I tell him to sit on the potty and he does, with it closed, or he will stand on top of the closed potty and pee in the floor! OH THE JOYS, of having a child that has a sense of humor and thinks its funny to watch himself pee. This is going to be a fun journey, so be on the lookout for very entertaining stories involving those lovely bodily fluids :-)

Here's a pic of Mr Braeden with us over Easter!