Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Is In The Air Tonight.....

Or was it love is in the air??? Either way summer or love, its all the same to me, I love warm weather, grilling out and being outside all day. We are a little disappointed that we aren't going to be at the beach this summer, but we are in an awesome spot that has lots to offer for the summer.
And while other kids are out of school for the summer, we spend the summer exploring and learning more than ever. Next week, we have a couple of trips planned to a few different libraries in the area. We are going to see who has reading lists, reading programs, etc. We are doing these as field trips, since we are new to the area and still learning our way around. I have noticed that there is a larger homeschool population here, so I am hoping this means more options for the kids! I am also planning on putting together a reading list of my own for the kids to do over the summer.

We have an awesome book store a few miles from us in Chattanooga (again McKay's you have to check them out, they are awesome awesome awesome!), just last week we went in and spent just 6 dollars and came out with probably more than 300 dollars worth of books. So worth the trip if you ask me!  So I am going to put together the list for the kids, give them a spending budget and let them go shopping. Its multitasking at its finest :-)

I am very excited to say that Abigail has finally taken an interest in reading. She reads books to Jade at bedtime until Jade falls asleep. She finished her first "big" book last week, it was one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kids books. It was a HUGE accomplishment for her and us! So I am hoping that this carries over into the summer so she can further develop her love of reading!

Right now I am open to suggestions on what books to put on their reading lists, so send them in! Also if you are interested in reading lists, Barnes and Noble has a few on their website
Or you could check out a couple friends of the Academy's and see what they are doing for summer reading!