Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Move....

I just finally got internet back, it was a rough couple of days with out it and it made for some miserable kids and MAMA lol
But we have finally finished the move across town to a bigger house. With that has come cleaning out a bunch of stuff that we don't need. There is going to be a big donation going to the Goodwill here soon. I have gotten the chance to reorganize all of our school stuff and clean out what we aren't going to use next year and I have started getting the actual supplies ready for next school year. I am still working on getting the rest of their lesson plans laid out. Its been slow moving with that, but now that we are moved its going to go a little bit easier. And once I get my dishwasher installed (its currently sitting on the homeschool corner of the dining room lol) I will have a spot for my very own personal desk, so I won't be spread out all over the kitchen table!!! I am also busy decorating our little homeschool corner. I can't wait to get pictures posted! But first I have to find my camera battery charger LOL
That's about it right now. We are slowly getting back on schedule and getting use to the new house!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Illness Hits Mommy :-(

So in great timing, I decided to get sick Friday and Saturday. I literally laid on the couch all day Saturday running a fever off and on. Sunday, I finally felt up to eating a little bit of something. And then yesterday, I was back to normal. I don't know what happened, but it literally whooped my tail for a couple of days. And now I am busy playing catch up. Catch that involves cleaning up the house we are still living in, finish packing up and moving in the next couple of days, and then getting caught up on our school work. We are a little bit behind because of everything that has occurred in the past couple of weeks.
And I am still putting together next year's school stuff. I want to have it all put together by the end of next month and in a notebook so that way if Daddy needs to fill in one day, it will all be there ready for him to use and not be confusing at all.
Not much going on, just the usual lol

Friday, March 16, 2012

I have been busy....

In between school for me, school for Noah and Abigail, cleaning and painting the new house and several job interviews (still needing a job LOL), I found the time to put together the basics to our history curriculum. I have also decided (as previously stated) we will school year round. Connections Academy ends school on June 1st, and I am planning on letting them de-public/virtual school for three weeks and restart school on June 25th.
So now into what we will be learning about in the next school year:
Miss Jade will be learning her ABC's and possibly her numbers depending on how well she takes to structured lessons. Granted she is only 2 1/2, so I am not expecting too much, but I still want to include her in school!
Noah and Abigail will be doing History together. I have combined both 2nd grade and 3rd grade lessons for them into what I feel is going to be an awesome thing. For History they have:
Asian Civilization
Cultures of Japan
Cultures of India
History of Cars
History of Water traveling
History of Flying
History of the Railroad
The Postal System
Women in Medical History
The United States
The Great Lakes
Ancient Egypt
Hieroglyphics (I am looking forward to this one myself lol)
Fun and Games in Ancient Greece
Greek Myths
Greek Art and Architecture
Theodore Roosevelt
Neil Armstrong
Great Rivers of the World
Ancient Rome
Roman Army
Changes in the Roman Empire
Life in Ancient Rome
Roman Art and Architecture

Each topic is at least a week long, some extend into other topics and last two or three weeks.

I am thinking that I will combine Science also. And then they will have separate language and math lessons. But I see a lot of library trips in our future! To be perfectly honest, it excites me. I think I am as impatient about this as they are. :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today has been Productive!

Today has been very very busy. I still have a bunch of packing to do. I am hoping we are done with the painting between today and tomorrow and then we can start moving our belongings into the house. But I have been searching for stuff, so I can start building my school stuff for next school-year. We plan on schooling year round, so I need to get a jump start on that, since the last day of school with Connections Academy will be June 1st of this year. And considering I have not one but two job interviews tomorrow, plus I am waiting a call back on another job, and I have decided to double up on classes with my school; getting a jumping head start might be the best thing for me to do. This way Daddy will know what to do with the kids each day!
Other than that, the weather is beautiful, can't wait for summer to officially be here. I have lots of outdoor activities lined up for the rugrats!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This blogging thing is hard... :-)

As I try to keep up with all of this, I have been faced with a lot of other things, we are currently moving to a bigger house to hold all of us, while we deal with what possibly make happen with my grandpa, and while rearranging our plans for a move to Knoxville. The past week has been spent cleaning the "new" house, painting it, and getting it ready for us to move our stuff into over the weekend. With this move comes an official spot to do homeschool, the house is all one level, so we are moving Jade into a room with Abigail. Which is going to prove to be difficult at night time. LOL I am also focusing on my school a little more, with a change in majors and doubling up on classes. Once we are moved, I am going to spend some time, putting together our summer school lessons (which is going to include tornados, hurricanes, and Egypt). Then I have to put together next school's years curriculum. So the next few weeks is going to be extremely hectic for me.
Oh did I mention, that this getting into a blogging routine is kind of hard lol I find myself forgetting about it at times. As I have in the past two weeks, and I do apologize. Hopefully with a clean, more organized, better planned out day in the 'new' house, I will be able to do this a lot more than I have. And get it more focused on what I want it to be able instead of mindless ramblings right now. :-)