Friday, March 16, 2012

I have been busy....

In between school for me, school for Noah and Abigail, cleaning and painting the new house and several job interviews (still needing a job LOL), I found the time to put together the basics to our history curriculum. I have also decided (as previously stated) we will school year round. Connections Academy ends school on June 1st, and I am planning on letting them de-public/virtual school for three weeks and restart school on June 25th.
So now into what we will be learning about in the next school year:
Miss Jade will be learning her ABC's and possibly her numbers depending on how well she takes to structured lessons. Granted she is only 2 1/2, so I am not expecting too much, but I still want to include her in school!
Noah and Abigail will be doing History together. I have combined both 2nd grade and 3rd grade lessons for them into what I feel is going to be an awesome thing. For History they have:
Asian Civilization
Cultures of Japan
Cultures of India
History of Cars
History of Water traveling
History of Flying
History of the Railroad
The Postal System
Women in Medical History
The United States
The Great Lakes
Ancient Egypt
Hieroglyphics (I am looking forward to this one myself lol)
Fun and Games in Ancient Greece
Greek Myths
Greek Art and Architecture
Theodore Roosevelt
Neil Armstrong
Great Rivers of the World
Ancient Rome
Roman Army
Changes in the Roman Empire
Life in Ancient Rome
Roman Art and Architecture

Each topic is at least a week long, some extend into other topics and last two or three weeks.

I am thinking that I will combine Science also. And then they will have separate language and math lessons. But I see a lot of library trips in our future! To be perfectly honest, it excites me. I think I am as impatient about this as they are. :-)