Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Move....

I just finally got internet back, it was a rough couple of days with out it and it made for some miserable kids and MAMA lol
But we have finally finished the move across town to a bigger house. With that has come cleaning out a bunch of stuff that we don't need. There is going to be a big donation going to the Goodwill here soon. I have gotten the chance to reorganize all of our school stuff and clean out what we aren't going to use next year and I have started getting the actual supplies ready for next school year. I am still working on getting the rest of their lesson plans laid out. Its been slow moving with that, but now that we are moved its going to go a little bit easier. And once I get my dishwasher installed (its currently sitting on the homeschool corner of the dining room lol) I will have a spot for my very own personal desk, so I won't be spread out all over the kitchen table!!! I am also busy decorating our little homeschool corner. I can't wait to get pictures posted! But first I have to find my camera battery charger LOL
That's about it right now. We are slowly getting back on schedule and getting use to the new house!