Monday, April 2, 2012


As March comes to an end and April charges in (yeah I know corny lol), I have found myself spending more and more time on building next year's curriculum. I am super duper excited about, as is the kids. They can't wait to get started on what they are calling Mama's school. We've been tossing around school names and I think we have settled on Largent Learning Academy, now to make a sign to hang over the door that comes into our classroom corner. I am still working on getting that set up. I still have a dishwasher where my desk is suppose to go, and then as I was thinking I can move the dishwasher out of the way today, I realized that I don't have a chair for my desk, so now I get to go thrift store hunting for a pretty chair :-)
But on to more exciting things. I have finally finished putting together everything, now I am in the middle of writing out lesson plans and getting worksheets printed for the first month of school. I want everything to be ready to kick off for a great day of school, just in case I have a job and Daddy has to be the teacher!
After lots of thinking, I think its going to be best to put science and history together. Well not together, but teach Noah and Abigail together on the subjects. This way there is really only Math and Language that has to be done separately. Now here is the list of science things we will be exploring
Dinosaur Fossils
Plants and Animals of the Sea
Types of Trees
Edible Flowers
Forest Plants
Eye of the Storm
Volcanos and Glaciers
-Thinking of adding in Tornados with Hurricanes, not sure yet-
Simple Machines
Meet the Scientist (gotta choose a scientist or two for this one)
Frog and Butterfly Life Cycles
Animal Babies
Extinct Animals- Dinosaur
More Extinct Animals
Desert Plant and Animal Habitat
Forest "
What is Weather
Water Cycle
Planet Earth
Geological Time Scale
Exploring Sun
" Moon
" Stars
Space Explorations
Air and Atmosphere
Magnets and Forces

Exciting isn't it? Now granted this is the exact way its going to be put together, some things are going to be rearranged and then stuff may be taken away or put in, but its a rough sketch. Each topic is going to be broken down into a week's worth of lessons. And I am trying to make sure that either the History topic or Science topic has an art project at the end of the week. Like for dinosaurs, I am going to buy the 3-d wooden puzzles and that is going to be our project for that week!
I am also looking at adding in Sign Language as their extra curricular activity. So now I am looking for resources for that, to teach them along with my two year old and one year old.
A fun fun school year lies ahead of me, and I can't wait!!!