Friday, April 26, 2013

Just a quick post!

We have a new affiliate partnership with Educents! They have recently opened and have great deals on educational products and it is awesome for homeschoolers! I will say that I haven't had the chance to purchase anything yet, with all the craizness that has been going on. But I do have a shopping cart full of items that I will be buying as soon as I can't! And as soon as I do, I will definitely let you know how wonderful they are!
If you have purchased something from Educents and would like to leave a review for them, you are more than welcome to email it to me at

Check them out!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Long Awaited Update!

It seems like it has been forever since I sat down to start a blog post, and to be honest it has been quite a while. A lot of things have gone on and we have made a couple of different moves in our lives for the better and I think we have finally settled into an almost normal way of life again.
When we left off on the Crazy Life of Mine and the Kids lol we were just coming down from the high of having our adoption finalized, getting ready to move to a bigger place and preparing for the holidays. And that is exactly what we were doing. We moved for our tiny little hotel room (and it took three trips in our van to get all of our stuff moved, I still have no idea how we got that much stuff in one room) and moved into a two bedroom apartment right across from the beach. While it was still too small for us in all honesty, it was HUGE compared to the space we had been living in. Plus we were right across from the beach. We started getting ready for Thanksgiving, birthdays, family visiting and all that fun stuff we do that time of the year. Then we got hit with a road block from hell. My ex sister in law decided to sabotage our lives, she started calling and emailing the hotel where I was working at and had her friends do the same thing complaining about me. It didn't matter that she nor her friends had never stayed there, they were getting complaints and ultimately I had to be let go. So here we were back at square one, no job, no money, no way to take care of anything. So what did we do? We loaded everything we had up in the van, put the other stuff in a storage building and came back to the Upstate and stayed with a friend of ours from two months. We did this on Christmas Eve. Our Christmas was literally ruined by this and thanks to family and friends stepping up, the kids didn't miss out. During this, Braeden got RSV and we spent three days in the hospital with him. Thankfully again friends and family stepped up and helped out with the other kids during this time.
But the arrangement with the friends didn't work out too well, due to issues that I will not discuss here, sorry. :-) And we made another move to Georgia where my mom lives. And as always, nothing can be easy for us, we thought we had an apartment, but got here and the lady had done rented it to someone else, even though I told her the day before that we were leaving and heading this way and that we would be there by a certain time the next day. Back to a hotel we went... for two weeks... YAY US! But I am a positive person and there is always a silver lining to everything. I got a call back for a job at the mall in Chattanooga, TN (just five minutes up the road from us) and I took it. So while getting started in the new job, we were looking around for places to rent and found a quaint little three bedroom house and we took it. So we FINALLY have us a house again after almost a year of living in hotels and small spaces and too little apartments. We have a puppy!!! I will post about her later :-) And things are looking up again. I also got another call back about a job with a Realtor and I have taken the leap into real estate. I just finished up my 60 hours course last night and I have a 30 hour course to take then I will take the test (cross your fingers and toes that I pass) and I will be licensed. We are finally settling in, does that mean things are calm, nope things are always crazy around here, but it is a little less stressful.

As for the kids, they are super excited to be near Nana and PawPaw and their cousins, we are busy planning a trip later this year to Virginia to see my sister and her husband and kids, and as for homeschool it kind of got pushed to the side a little bit during this. What they haven't kept up with in book study, I feel like they have gained so much in life skills. They have learned how to make a negative situation into a positive one like we did when we were staying with our friends, they have learned how to push through and make the best out of anything thrown at them. And that is someone that is invaluable, because kids today don't get a chance to learn these things because their parents shelter them from reality. Guess what? We don't around here, the kids know everything (age appropriate of course) that goes on in our lives and they help us work the problems out. As far as school work, they are reading books like crazy (there is an awesome book store in Chattanooga called McKays, if you are ever in the Chattanooga area (or Knoxville, and maybe Nashville areas) check them out, they are awesome!!!!) they are working on multiplication still and memorization, and we started learning the basics to writing a letter last week. We will be working on how to address an envelope and mail our letters this week.
After much deliberation and discussing, Scott and I have decided to go back to Connections Academy for their schooling. Because I am not going to be home as much as I was and Scott is going to be full-time teacher, he feels that he can teach them best if its mostly laid out for him and then him add to it. Which is okay with me, I am super happy he came to me and told me that he wasn't feeling confident enough to do it himself. One of the many reasons I love him and love parenting with him.

So now that you are all up to date on the craziness, bare with me as I get back into the swing of things. LOL