Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break

Well today is the official start up after spring break! While I enjoyed the break, I like the normalcy of our routines.
Some great things happened over spring break. Jade is well on her way to being potty trained! Yay me! Braeden took his first steps and is slowly becoming a walker, but still isn't talking much. But his babbling has increased over the past few days, so he should be a talker soon also! Abigail has a case of poison oak, she was out back playing with the green leaf stuff growing, making salads and I didn't realize exactly what it was she was playing pretend cooking show with. We get to go out back now and survey everything and start chopping it down! YAY US! Noah has been kind of quite the past week, when schedules change he tends to either shut down a little bit or just become a total brat. Its been a mixture of both sides this week, but now we are on our way to fixing it!
Other than that, nothing much is going on around here. Just finishing out the school year with Connections Academy and I am still working on putting together at least the first few weeks of lesson plans for us doing school on our own! Oh and still job hunting too! Life is always busy with something lol