Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This blogging thing is hard... :-)

As I try to keep up with all of this, I have been faced with a lot of other things, we are currently moving to a bigger house to hold all of us, while we deal with what possibly make happen with my grandpa, and while rearranging our plans for a move to Knoxville. The past week has been spent cleaning the "new" house, painting it, and getting it ready for us to move our stuff into over the weekend. With this move comes an official spot to do homeschool, the house is all one level, so we are moving Jade into a room with Abigail. Which is going to prove to be difficult at night time. LOL I am also focusing on my school a little more, with a change in majors and doubling up on classes. Once we are moved, I am going to spend some time, putting together our summer school lessons (which is going to include tornados, hurricanes, and Egypt). Then I have to put together next school's years curriculum. So the next few weeks is going to be extremely hectic for me.
Oh did I mention, that this getting into a blogging routine is kind of hard lol I find myself forgetting about it at times. As I have in the past two weeks, and I do apologize. Hopefully with a clean, more organized, better planned out day in the 'new' house, I will be able to do this a lot more than I have. And get it more focused on what I want it to be able instead of mindless ramblings right now. :-)