Friday, May 3, 2013

Why I like Homeschool by Abigail

It is fun and we do not have to wake up early ever. Sometimes we get to take a break for water and sometimes we do not even do school at all. That is why my dad's legs hurt. But when he is not we will be doing school. But it is the best oh and it is fun. My mom goes to work and my dad is my teacher. What I have learned is art and math and I do home work by myself.

Very different takes on both the kids' views of homeschool isn't it? (you can read Noah's entry here )    Her handwriting has improved so much since we first started this journey two years ago. Yet she still has a long way to go. Yet I am beginning to think that its more her attention span and not her ability to write. :-) Also we are beginning to think that she is mildly dyslexic so this is something that we will be working on over the summer with her.