Thursday, August 9, 2012

Starting school!

First of all, things never go according to plan, so to say that the start of our school year has been nothing like I planned it is a complete understatement. Yet we pushed through all of the things that happened over the summer, got settled and started school this week. Since all of our stuff we had started putting together at the end of last school year is in storage, we are mainly doing worksheets. I would like to personally thank the Internet Gods for the ability to search for anything and be able to print it out. Noah is busy learning multiplication (which he can do easier than addition lol), and he loves the little science sheets I have found for animals. One of his favorite things to do here at home is to go outside and look for lizards. They are everywhere around here. We have caught a couple, looked them up online and figured out what kind they are, if they are boy or girl, and then set them free. We might possible getting the stuff together and make a terrarium and see if we can keep one for a couple of days and observe it. Lots of learning going on and they don't even realize it.
Abigail is pretty much reviewing from last year. She is still having problems with handwriting so that is something that we are working on daily. Other wise she is doing worksheets on animals, cooking, etc. She enjoys going to the beach and playing in the sand. We are still working on building a sandcastle, but that is difficult, even for me.
Jade is learning how to write, she is very good at tracing lines and attempting to write the letter J. She likes matching things also.
As for Braeden, we are working on teaching him more signs and getting him to speak more. He has picked up a few more words, but he is still very behind on speech. Yet he understands us very well, we just don't understand him lol Hopefully, with a little more work, he will start talking soon !
Thats about it for today! I got something bouncing around in my head, I just have to figure out how to get it out and into word format.