Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding our groove...

It is funny to think that it took me almost a full year of homeschooling to figure out what to do with the kids. I have gotten slightly "lazy" the past couple of weeks and gave up the "formal" schooling approach. We have done school sitting on the couch in the living room with everyone else. We dropped workbooks and just focused on learning what was presented to us that day (we are currently using Connections Academy). Right now there is just so much going on for the kids to hold focus through workbooks, lessons and assessments. But I noticed that they enjoy sitting on the couch, with me and the laptop, we can pull up their textbooks online, so they get to read their stories and see the workbook problems in their math books. We can work on everything and be comfy.
While this works for us right now, it isn't going to be the normal (I don't think so anyways). I am hoping that we find a bigger house in the next couple of months and then we will have an actual formal classroom that isn't in the dining room, with the dining room being in the classroom. I have so many ideas for a classroom and how I want to teach them, but right now, we are so crammed in our little house, that its going to have to wait.
On a different note, right now, we are trying out a trial run of Readingeggs.com. I plan on giving a complete and total review of this in a couple of weeks once we have worked on it some. This is also going along with us planning a trip to Knoxville to see friends. I am working on a very productive itinerary for this too. There are so many things in the area that I want to take in while we are there. Oh did I mention that we are going as job/housing scouts. We are thinking about moving there. I can't wait to get there and enjoy it. I have heard such wonderful things about it. The kids are looking forward to it, they can't wait to go back to play with their friends that they have there.
Oh well, that's us at Largent Learning Academy today. lol