Friday, February 3, 2012

Egypt Here We Come....

Today, I started researching our Egypt unit study for the summer (I can feel the warmth of summer already lol) And I am in amazement at the wealth of information on Egypt and the fun things that I have found in just an hour or so of playing around on Google. I have bookmarked several pages and will be putting together a lesson plan for it all. I am in the process of deciding if I should put it up here for all to see and use. I am a firm believer in sharing with everyone, so I might just share with ya'll :-)
Today, we have finally gotten all of our schoolwork caught up and are now back on track from where Daddy had surgery almost three weeks ago. Speaking of Daddy he is recovering very well and is completely back on his feet! We have also been talking about moving to a more homeschool accepting city and Knoxville keeps coming up. Does anyone live in Knoxville? How is the crowd there? I have never lived there, but Daddy did for a few years and loved it and misses it greatly.
Nothing else going on! Just a quick update!