Monday, January 30, 2012

Things are finally looking up...

It is starting to look like 2012 will be so much better than 2011. With Daddy losing his job at the end of 2009, we have spent the past 2 years struggling with unemployment, little odd jobs, and both of us found a job last year, but neither one lasted longer than two months, because of issues with our bosses (and for once, it was out of our control). So now that Daddy's hip is on the mend from surgery, he has had some inquiries about jobs (he runs his own construction business) and just this morning I had an interview for an office assistant with a property management company. Hopefully things are turning around for us. We most definitely need it.
Now comes the shuffling of schedules for us. If I get this job, Daddy gets to do the majority of the schooling (which might be best, since Abigail responds better with him teaching). So this is also on my list of things to do in the next week or so. But right now my focus has to be on  my school stuff. I have gotten behind the past couple of weeks and really need to get caught up.
Speaking of getting caught up, the kids are finally getting caught up after taking a two week break after Daddy had his hip surgery. I am still amazed at how quickly they pick up things. In a matter of minutes Abigail picked up the tens and ones make numbers (2 tens + 5 ones = 25) then we took it a step further and within a few more minutes she figured out that (1 ten + 15 ones = 25 and 0 tens + 25 ones = 25 also) It so awesome to get to watch their faces at they finally figure something out! That is the biggest reward with homeschooling!