Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Starting Over...

So I have decided that I didn't like the way this blog was going (with all 6 entries) and the fact that nothing had been done to it in almost 6 months, I deleted everything and we are starting over. I plan on keeping with it this time, hopefully to be updating it at least once a day.
First things first, this will be mostly about homeschooling the rugrats. After using a virtual academy since August, we have decided that it isn't the way we want to go. Now we are researching different curriculum  and exploring our options. Right now we have chosen as our beginning spot for education. We have started putting together a summer unit study for Egypt and the mummies and pyramids. I am currently on the looking for a local (and by local I mean within a two or so hours driving distance) museum that is doing an Egyptian exhibit to go along with our summer studies.
Right now at this moment, this blog is going to be more of a place for me to put my thoughts down (whether its a to-do list for tomorrow or thoughts about a product/thing/item I want to try out), along with progress updates of the kids, what works for their learning style and what doesn't.
So enjoy reading what life holds in store for me and mine!