Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Fun! :-)

Today was my baby's first birthday party. Today was the last first birthday party I will ever put together :-(
Today marked the beginning of a newness for me. I no longer have a baby in the house, by age standards. Yet, he is still a mama's baby, lol. He hasn't started walking yet (getting braver, but not ready to let go), he isn't verbal yet. His favorite word is 'nom nom' and that's because he likes to eat ALOT. But he can stack blocks on top of each other, he can feed himself finger foods, he can turn pages in a book, play peek a boo, clap his hands, and loves to dance. He has an appointment, for his one year check up, Tuesday, so we will see what the doc says about his development. I think he's developing wonderfully :-)
From baby boy to baby girl; there are some days, I think Miss Jade is way too smart for her own good. She can count in three different languages (thank you Dora and Ki-Lan lol), she can recite her ABC's most of them are understandable, she knows basic colors (and knows the verde means green), and knows basic shapes. She can write a smiley face and a circle and intersecting lines. I am putting together a little bit of a summer program for her to introduce her ABC's to her in more than just looking at a book or watching Dora. But like I was saying there are days when I think she is genius intelligent, and then there are days like today where she decides to lick the dog's nose lol Not once, but 5 times, says Ewww nasty after each lick!
As for the two older ones, we are working on getting back on schedule after taking a two week break because Daddy had a hip replacement. Now that Daddy is back on his feet, I can focus all my attention back to the kids and it will be alot easy to focus on school work. So Monday morning bright and early, we get started again. So I will have an update on them in a couple of days. I
Other than that, I am getting ready to get started on the Egypt/Mummy summer study! I am so excited about this (especially after watching The Mummy two nights ago lol) I am still actively searching for a museum that has a mummy exhibit that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg to see.

Until next time,