Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday

I spent the weekend making plans for this little blog. I want to be a more active part of it, and I am wanting to give the kids active parts. So here we go, I am a little late on getting today's post up and going but it has been a very busy day; as this week is going to be super busy.
Monday (today lol)- I spent most of the day letting the kids play computer games, because it has been a nasty rainy day and I couldn't hold their attention for anything; while I sat through a couple of webinars for a new company that I have started working for. It is a work at home job, so I get to spend all my time with the kids and still get to earn a living for them and myself. (if you want any information, just comment and let me know :-)
Tuesday- early morning it is pre-op doctor visit for Daddy's next hip surgery, then off to look at an R.V. that we are thinking about buying. It has been coming up in conversation to take this family on the road. So we are now trying to make it happen. I will be making a separate post on this with more details later on in the week.
Wednesday- will be spent doing the couple of lessons the kids have to do with Connections Academy this week, along with their Leap Tests that the school requires them to do, the rest of the day will be spent getting ready for Daddy's surgery.
Thrusday- nothing much is going on except Daddy's surgery. We are lucky that it is going to be an outpatient procedure and we are hoping that this gets everything taken care of so Daddy can get back on his feet fully. Thrusday night, I have another webinar/training session with this company.
Friday- is going to be spent helping Daddy and working with the kids and school if there are any lessons left for them to do.
Saturday- we have a pottery show at the museum here in town that we will be going to if Daddy feels up for the trip. If we do go I will be posting pictures. :-)
And Sunday will be our day of rest and reflection and getting ready for the next week!
Its going to be a long week, but everything is going to be great in the end!

Stay tuned for the post about our possible R.V. adventures!!!