Thursday, October 18, 2012

Updates!!! And What's Been Going On With Us!

The biggest update is our adoption is finally final finalize.... yeah I know a few too many words on the FINAL. But this is something that we have been pursuing for almost 3 years now and its nice to finally have that chapter closed. We are able to move forward with our entire lives and not having to back track to a darker time and relive certain things. More me, than Noah and Abigail, but its still nice knowing that its over.
Now that we are back from that trip out of town (it was nice to see family and friends that we haven't seen in a few months), its time to start getting ready for birthdays and holidays. On top of actively searching for a new home. We are planning on having a BIGGER new place in two weeks if everything goes according to plans! This way we can have family and friends to visit for the holidays! Its my favorite time of the year right now and I can't wait to start getting ready for the festivities!!!
On to school because I am getting sidetracked a little bit! Noah is doing wonderfully, we introduced basic geometry to him (well calculating perimeter) and I realized (I had forgotten lol) that you need to know division, in addition to, (haha no pun intended I swear) multiplication in order to calculate geometry. So we decided to spend this week learning division. He is doing pretty good at that and has the basic idea of it down. But I am realizing that he doesn't have his math facts memorized. He can't tell you right off the top of his head that 3x3=9 he has to sit there and count by 3's three times. So I have him reviewing his math facts again. On top of that he is learning his parts of speech, this week it is adjectives. He is learning the different types of adjectives and how they are used in sentences. He picks up on this stuff very well;much like his mother does. Math on the other hand, is my weak subject also lol
Abigail is excelling at math. So she and I and Daddy talked about moving her up to basic multiplication. There's no where but up to go once you can add and subtract. She knows how to count money, she can tell time on an analog clock (most of the time lol), she knows her shapes (both 2d and 3d), so multiplication it is for her. She seems to be grasping it pretty well, but this time when I teach her I am going to make sure she memorizes it, so we don't have to go back and do it again, like with Noah.
Yet again another reason I love homeschooling, if there is something that we need to backtrack and do over again, we can. Abigail told me yesterday that she wants to homeschool forever and doesn't want to leave and go to college. I had to remind her that she can do college at home too, just like I am! It is so nice to see that they are thriving and learning and enjoying it!