Monday, October 8, 2012

Small Space Homeschool!

I have been working on this post for a while now. And I figured now was the time to post it. As you know, we have been living in a hotel room for the past four months now. It has been a challenge considering there are six of us in this room, along with some of our belongings (the rest if divided up between two storage buildings in two different cities, sometimes I think we are gypsies or nomads or something lol) But we have been making the best of it with storage containers/devices. I usually spend Sundays printing out everything we are going to need for the week. And then each kid has a folder and I put their worksheets in their folders. I label each worksheet with a day of the week, so they know which ones to do when. Speaking of worksheets they have been a lifesaver these past couple of months, because all of my stuff that I had spent the beginning of summer planning is in a box in a storage building 5 hours away. So I have had to improvise everything that I was planning on teaching the kids this year, which is okay, because they are still learning no matter how I had planned on teaching them.
Ok back on topic, we have a small table that the older three kids use as an eating table and as their school table (I also use it as my desk, it is extremely multipurposed) The kids have small bookbags to keep their folders and notebooks (with pencils, etc) in. They hang in the closet on a coat hanger so they are out of the way. Also in the closet is where we have a hanging shelf Neatkids 6-Shelf Organizer (Google Affiliate Ad) This is like what we have. And then we have a small metal that the kids keep their books on. It is a little cluttered, but we get it done. Its been a huge learning experience for us, but we have learned a lot from it. Especially the little kids. Jade is picking up on a lot of things from sitting in with the big kids during school, and Braeden is talking so much now. Its almost as if he didn't have a delay. And I honestly feel that being all together in one room has a lot to do with that.
I will try to get some pictures posted of our small space once I get it cleaned up (we just got back from our trip to finalize our adoption - thats another post - and its a mess)!!!