Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alligator Pictures!

I promised I would post some pictures of the alligator that we saw the other day. Well it turns out that while we were at the state park this evening, we saw another one (and this one was HUGE) Scott said about 7 - 8 feet long. Noah decided he wanted a closer looks and started making duck call sounds. Well I guess the gator likes ducks because he started swimming closer and closer to us, until he was about 10 feet away. There was land and some water between us, but he was really big and a little too close for my comfort, so I got my little group peoples together and we left. lol
But here are some pictures. The first two are of the little gator that we saw earlier in the week and the other ones are of the gator in the water. You kind of have to look carefully to see it, but you can see it I promise :-)

***Okay for some reason I am having issues putting pictures into the post. Its more likely me, than Blogger itself lol But the pictures on the bottom are of the little gator and the pictures on top are of the big gator! Enjoy!!!!***